MONROE – The Union County Board of Commissioners is calling on the state legislature to establish a resolution that keeps the assumed county line with Mecklenburg in place. 

Commissioners want a resolution that  “preserves the expectations of existing Union and Mecklenburg County residents, without adverse impact to the lives, families  and businesses,” according to a resolution drafted by Union County attorney Kevin Kay. Union County commissioners approved the resolution Feb. 20. 

“I've been on record for saying that I believe that Union County families should stay in Union County,” Union County Commissioner Brian Helms said. “This is a very sensitive issue that could affect a lot of different families within our communities and I'm glad to see that resolution pass.”

Union County residents have been on edge since the tax assessor brought up the disputed boundary issue to commissioners’ attention in January. A change to the the county line may affect families in several ways, including  property taxes, school enrollment and voting districts. 

“Any formal and permanent establishment of a county boundary line between Union County and Mecklenburg County that is different from the assumed county boundaries may result in a substantial disruption to residents’ lives, families, businesses and expectations, with the primary impacts being felt at the household and family level,” the resolution reads. 

Union County Commissioner Stony Rushing said the state legislature has power over municipalities.

“We're asking them to execute that power and just clear up any confusion about where those people who've been voting in Union County live, and we've got a lot of support I think from our state delegation and even from some other representatives in the state,” Rushing said. 

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