MONROE – The Monroe City Council fired City Manager Brian Borne and City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan in split votes on Feb. 28 following a closed session meeting. 

Borne has worked for the city since 2008 in roles such as downtown director and assistant city manager. The council appointed him as interim city manager July 30, 2021 after firing City Manager Larry Faison. The council appointed him as city manager June 15, 2022. 

“I've been a member of this council going on 12 years,” Council Member Freddie Gordon said.  "I have been honored to serve; however, in those 12 years I've never had a motion presented to me that I feel so strongly against this motion to fire a perfectly good manager who has worked for this city for 15 years, has never had a negative comment levied against him, who is highly regarded by his peers ... is now being fired for no logical reason, in my opinion.”

He added: “I would say this is the most aggressive, audacious arrogant and unethical motion I have ever been asked to vote on. Furthermore, I do not support it, I will not vote for it and my vote for this motion is unequivocally no.”

Gordon said during his remarks that the council was considering hiring someone under investigation by his prior employer. He said the city had no safeguards to protect itself if the investigation reveals misconduct. That person was not named by Gordon or anyone else. 

The council then appointed Finance Director Lisa Strickland as interim city manager until March 15 with Gordon voting against the measure. 

Shah-Khan was appointed city attorney July 28, 2014. 

“I want to thank both the city manager and the city attorney for their commitment and dedication to the city, its employees and our residents,” Mayor Marion Holloway said. “I'm frustrated about today's looming decision by my colleagues and want to make it clear that we've been fortunate to have leaders with this experience in these positions.”

Borne and Shah-Khan will each receive severance packages equal to 12 months salary and benefits. That’s $270,610.25 for Borne and $213,399.49 for Shah-Khan. 

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