RALEIGH – America’s Transportation Awards recognized the Monroe Expressway with a regional “Best Use of Technology and Innovation” award.

The North Carolina Turnpike Authority received the award at the Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 80th annual conference.

“We’re delighted to see the Monroe Expressway receive regional recognition for its innovative approach to transportation,” said James “JJ” Eden, executive director for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority. “In particular, we’re grateful to the residents, businesses, and educational institutions in Union County for their strong support of this project.”

The Monroe Expressway is an 18-mile tolled bypass of U.S. 74 in Union County that opened to traffic November 2019. Drivers who choose to take this route pay tolls with a prepaid NC Quick Pass account or receive a bill in the mail based on the vehicle registration.

In its application, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority cited the innovative use of tolling to fund the construction of the Monroe Expressway faster than the project could be delivered through traditional means, bringing congestion relief to a heavily traveled region of the state. The use of all-electronic tolling technology makes the Monroe Expressway more convenient to use than traditional toll facilities with booths, which means no stopping or slowing down.

The Union County Chamber of Commerce and Wingate University provided testimonials in support of the Monroe Expressway. By winning at the regional level, the Monroe Expressway will advance to compete for a national award from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

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