CHARLOTTE – Waverly welcomed Leenie Rae to its retail lineup and anticipates the Oct. 1 opening of Bagel Boys.

Leenie Rae offers a curated inventory of ready-to-wear brands, fashionable jewelry and accessories, along with friendly, knowledgeable and personable stylists. The 978-square-foot shop opened Sept. 10. 

Leenie Rae only selects detail-oriented designers such as Velvet, AG, 360Cashmere and Trovata, who use only fine-quality fabrics, so the merchandise will capture you at first touch and first glance. 

“We’re here for the woman who wears many hats and wants to feel and look beautiful, inside and out, while doing so,” said Arlene Cook, owner of Leenie Rae. “I wanted a retail location where my store would enhance an existing retail environment and vice versa. Waverly was exactly what I was looking for.”

Cook decided to move her store from San Francisco to Charlotte to be closer to family. 

The name stems from “Leenie,” the childhood nickname Arlene’s late father used through her adult years and “Rae,” the middle name of both Arlene’s mother and daughter. 

Bagel Boys (938 square feet) specializes in authentic New York-style bagels. 

Nick and Heather Grove got the idea of Bagel Boys from their oldest son, who from age 5, had grand plans to one day open a bagel shop in their native New Jersey. 

The desire to offer their three sons a better quality of life landed the family in Charlotte in 2020. Not being able to find a bagel like “the ones back home in New Jersey,” resurfaced the bagel shop conversation once again.

“We wanted to show our boys that anything is possible if you dream it, you can do it,” Heather Grove said. “We were set on Waverly because of the atmosphere and the Carolina culture it radiates. It feels like home and we can’t wait to make every single customer and guest part of our story.”

Bagel Boys is slated to open its 938-square-foot shop on Oct. 1. 

Its goal is to open two additional locations in the Charlotte area – one store for each of their boys. They will offer a variety of bagels and spreads, sandwiches, coffee, teas, other local drinks and a grab-and-go section.

Waverly is a 90-acre mixed use community located at the intersection of Providence and Ardrey Kell roads.

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