McAlpine Creek Park attracts multi-family housing

The nearly 15 acres is outlined in red. Photo courtesy of City of Charlotte

CHARLOTTE – Vista Residential Partners hopes to build up to 320 multi-family units next to McAlpine Creek Park.

The vacant 14.8-acre site is on the west side of Krefeld Drive, east of Monroe Road and west of East Independence Boulevard. 

Even though existing zoning allows for up to 320 units, the firm needs rezoning approval from the Charlotte City Council to meet updated stormwater and forestry requirements, according to city senior planner John Kinley.

A stream and tree save area will divide the site into two development areas. Keith MacVean, of Moore & Van Allen, said his client plans to build two buildings on either side of the central green space since the stream is not developable. 

The project includes a connection from Krefeld Drive to the McAlpine Creek greenway and cross country trails. The applicant will also dedicate a portion of land to Mecklenburg County.

Site access will be through Krefeld Drive. The project includes an eight-foot planting strip and eight foot sidewalk along Krefeld Drive. 

The project is expected to generate 1,480 vehicle trips per day and 110 students into the Greenway Park Elementary, McClintock Middle and East Mecklenburg High school cluster. 

No neighbors spoke during the May 15 public hearing, which piqued Tariq Bokhari’s curiosity. Bokhari represents the area on the Charlotte City Council.

“It's a large number of units so I'm just kind of surprised that nobody showed up to the community meeting,” Bokhari said to MacVein. 

MacVein replied that it’s not in an area you’d expect to see people attend a community meeting, considering the surrounding uses are a park, car dealerships and other multi-family communities. He also reminded Bokhari that the city requires notices go out to property owners within a mile of a project. Bokhari said he hoped to check back with MacVein before the council’s next zoning meeting.

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