Ed Driggs (left) was flanked by friends, family and supporters as he put his name on the 2019 election ballot. Justin Vick/SCW photo

CHARLOTTE – Republican Ed Driggs plans to run for a fifth term as District 7 representative on Charlotte City Council.

Driggs has lobbied for more infrastructure investment to counter traffic congestion caused by the rapid pace of development in the district and opposed excessive development. He has worked with the Charlotte Department of Transportation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to promote safety on south Charlotte roads while also supporting police officers.

I am seeking reelection to city council at this time because the city is at a critical juncture in the adoption of its Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan and is working on an expansion of its transportation system that could cost many billions of dollars,” Driggs said. “Having been involved since the inception of these plans, I want to continue to work on them to seek the best possible outcome for the people of Charlotte. The plans are of particular importance to people in my district because of the disproportionate impact they could have on our neighborhoods and taxes.”

Driggs has chaired or served on various council committees including intergovernmental relations, economic development, housing, environment and governance since first elected in 2013. He currently chairs the budget and effectiveness committee and serves on the transportation, planning and environment committee.

Driggs has fought for fiscal responsibility and opposed tax increases. He advocates for business-friendly policies that create jobs, but he opposes excessive tax incentives to wealthy corporations.

I look forward to continuing to serve the people of District 7 and all of Charlotte in the coming term and keeping up the fight for fiscal responsibility and fairness in all activities of city government,” Driggs said.

A former U.S. Army officer, Driggs studied economics at Princeton and Oxford before serving in the military and pursuing a career in international finance. He moved to Charlotte in 2002 with his wife, Caroline, and their children, Ted and Lili.

He is involved in Charlotte Rotary as well as nonprofit boards.

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