Victoria Crocker has won a state award for her work with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Photo courtesy of ACS CAN

From here in North Carolina to the shores of California, over 52,000 bags will shine bright come September in honor of cancer patients and survivors. This beautiful ceremony is one of the ways the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) honors those affected by cancer through their annual Lights of Hope event.

Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the national event. This year will be bigger and better as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic and remember its immense impact on the cancer community

Just this year, 63,930 North Carolinians will hear the words ‘you have cancer.’ In their honor and as part of Lights of Hope, I’m pledging to ride 400 miles for cancer patients, survivors, their families and those in our state who are still in the dark on their diagnosis. Through every mile, I wish to raise awareness on the need for lifesaving public health policy plays to help cancer patients and fight to reduce the cancer burden for the next generation.

Every stride is a reminder of my grandmother’s memory, my aunt’s ongoing battle, and in honor of others’ loved ones who have been lost to cancer. I dedicate every mile to them and turn every donation into a personalized bag to join the thousands across America in the Lights of Hope ceremony.

If you’d like to donate a bag in honor of a loved one, please visit for more information.

Victoria Crocker is an ACT Lead Volunteer with ACS CAN.

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