CHARLOTTE – The Charlotte Area Fund has launched a COVID-19 awareness campaign, Good Health is Wealth, in celebration of Community Action Week. 

On June 18, the campaign will have a strong presence at the Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas by providing on-site health screenings, COVID-19 vaccinations and information about Charlotte Area Fund programs.

“Let’s face it, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere – vulnerable populations remain at risk,” said Nick Wharton, CEO of Charlotte Area Fund. “That’s why this campaign is so important. The Good Health is Wealth campaign is designed to meet people where they are to encourage healthy choices like eating right, exercising, wearing a mask and getting vaccinated and boosted as a lifestyle change to survive and thrive.”

Throughout the pandemic, Charlotte Area Fund has supported families directly impacted by COVID-19 including those that experienced the loss of employment, housing and loved ones.

“Poverty is complex,” Wharton said. “COVID19 exposed the intersectionality of race, class, and health and how systems and behavior maintain social inequality. We want people to have access to information and resources to make smart choices to protect their health and to know that Charlotte Area Fund is here to offer assistance.”

The Charlotte Area Fund will honor more than 60 participants who achieved workforce certifications in high demand careers and high school equivalency at its Self-Sufficiency Graduation Dinner on June 22 at the Harvey B. Gantt African American Art and Cultural Center

Guest speakers include Buffalo New York community leaders Fajri Ansari, Iman of Masjid Nu’man Mosque, and Dr. Lavonne Ansari, CEO of  Community Health Center of Buffalo. The Ansaris will provide insights on community trauma of overcoming COVID-19 and the recent Buffalo shooting.

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