Amisha and Ronak Ghelani hold cereal drive

Amisha and Ronak Ghelani didn't have to get help from mom or dad on their cereal project. Photo courtesy of Common Heart

INDIAN TRAIL – Fourth-graders Amisha and Ronak Ghelani know what it means to put love in action.

The 9-year-old twins from south Charlotte collected more than 500 boxes of cereal for Common Heart’s food pantries after seeing the cereal shelf was almost empty when they were volunteering recently at its Marshville location.

The idea and execution was done without help from mom and dad.

They made a flyer and walked their neighborhood to distribute it. They asked friends and teachers at school to donate. They piled boxes up one by one in their living room and quickly exceeded their goal of 300 boxes of cereal.

The most common donation? Honey Nut Cheerios – Ronak’s favorite. Amisha said she doesn’t like cereal but knows it’s important for families to have.

“If everyone would do a cereal drive then nobody would be hungry,” she said.

Common Heart Executive Director Keith Adams said the Ghelanis' donation will feed a lot of people said their desire to help their neighbors is encouraging.

“It’s so inspiring to see students – especially some so young – really understand what it means to put ‘love in action,” Adams said. “They saw a problem and immediately took action to do something about it. We’re so very thankful for their kindness.”

Amisha and Ronak want other kids and adults to follow their lead and host food drives or donate to help our neighbors.

“It’s not hard,” Ronak said. “All you have to do is let people know about it.”

About Common Heart

Common Heart has locations in Indian Trail & Marshville. The nonprofit serves under-resourced families and individuals who live in Union County and the surrounding area through 11 food pantry outreaches serving an average 3,000 individuals each month. It also has economic empowerment and adult literacy programs. On the web:

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