WAXHAW – Martin Lane said it’s easier to get elected to office than it is to be re-elected, but I don’t think that logic will apply to Waxhaw’s 2021 election after watching the Waxhaw Business Association candidates forum Oct. 20.

For starters, two of the three challengers did not attend the forum. Second, commissioners Brenda McMillon, Jason Hall and Tracy Wesolek had strong performances. Third, the incumbents not only talked about some of the shared successes they’ve achieved over the last term, but they also tried to associate the town’s growing pains to the failures of previous boards. 

Lane, a former commissioner, did not have a great answer when asked by moderator Jason Harper why his board didn’t put the necessary infrastructure in place. Lane also acknowledged he was a little rusty with current politics. 

“I’m not intimately aware of a lot of the stuff they are talking about here,” Lane said, noting he hadn’t read the unified development ordinance. “That’s not to say that I’m not interested or it’s not important to me, I’ve just been out of the loop for 10 years.”

While Lane is sincere and uniquely qualified to rejoin the board, I don’t think he did enough at the forum to convince anyone to vote for him over the incumbents. 

I was extremely critical of Waxhaw commissioners earlier this year for their plan to move elections from odd to even years. My issue is that it would have extended their terms legislatively and not by voter approval. 

But I believe the board as currently constructed works well together. They have put in plans for growth, such as the land development code, that may stick. It will be interesting to see if voters give them an opportunity to see some of those plans through.  

Watch the forum

The Waxhaw Business Association streamed the forum on its Facebook page, @waxhawbusinessassociation.

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