MINT HILL – Hatisha Mike, of Charlotte, wants to develop a residential assisted living center for up to 10 older adults on nearly 2.5 acres at 8025 Wilson Woods Drive, but some neighbors are skeptical. 

Mike acquired 8025 Wilson Woods Drive in May 2021. She described her project to the Mint Hill commissioners on May 10 as a luxury, single-family residential home that improves the property. 

“There is an ever-increasing need for quality senior care in our communities,” she said. “Research tells us that seniors fare better in residential settings as opposed to big-box facilities and nursing homes.”

The center will serve older adults with daily living needs but not requiring critical or memory care. Two employees will staff the center 24/7. Meals and laundry will be done onsite. 

Mike said residents won’t drive. There will be visiting hours but cars won’t be visible to neighbors. 

Mike believes the site is ideal for this use, considering the home will be more than 400 feet away from the road and not visible from Wilson Woods Drive. 

“I believe to a large extent the fact that it’s not visible is why many of the neighbors and even the town itself didn’t know the disrepair and the amount of trash that was on the property,” Mike said. “You simply couldn’t see it.”

A much larger house will be rebuilt on the existing footprint. A partially demolished building on site will be removed to allow for storage. A detached garage will go in.

The size of the site will allow older adults to have enough room  to enjoy outdoor living activities and spaces without encroaching on neighbors, Mike said. 

Two people, including neighbor Sylvia Nemeroff, spoke out against the project during the March 10 public hearing. 

“I just feel like this is an encroachment on our privacy,” Nemeroff said. “There’s a lot of people on Wilson Woods that have big lots. What’s going to prevent me from putting up a house to house senior citizens to do exactly what they’re doing?”

Letting one business come into a residential area opens the door for more, she reasoned. 

A Union County resident with parents who live on Wilson Woods Drive described the project as a multifamily residence since residents won’t be related. She said visitors, doctors and Uber drivers for 10 different residents will increase traffic.

The Mint Hill Planning Board is scheduled to vet the project March 21 before the rezoning decision goes before town commissioners. 

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