MATTHEWS – Town Manager Hazen Blodgett has reached out to the owner of a Fort Mill store about the loud plane flying over I-485 advertising its alcohol.

I told him we were not impressed – I didn't say it like that,” Blodgett told commissioners about the dialogue with Southern Spirits during the Sept. 27 board meeting. “He is committed to doing this. He says he is following FFA rules.”

Blodgett told commissioners the town has no authority in the matter. He believes they have to resort to some sort of promotional campaign, such as “Dude, cut it out, will ya?”

Mayor John Higdon said the plane vibrates the windows in his house. He can also hear the plane when it passes over his truck on I-485 – even with the radio on.

There's literally hundreds of complaints on social media,” Higdon said about the plane. “I've received probably 10 or so directly as mayor. My suggestion would be for folks not to patronize the store being advertised.”

Fourteen people have left one-star reviews in recent weeks about Southern Spirits on Google, specifically mentioning its advertising.

"I've seen their plane eight times today alone," wrote Steve Crawford on one of those reviews. "It's the real life equivalent of pop-up ads from the 2000s.”

Commissioner Jeff Miller joked the plane needs a new muffler.

It goes by everyday and it's way too loud,” Miller said.

One reader told Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly that the plane is especially annoying to a lot of people working from home. He said the noise disrupts business calls and family dinners.

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