Jon DeBoer/Stumptown AC

Everything I know about soccer, I’ve learned from watching Apple TV’s hit show, “Ted Lasso.”

If you haven’t watched, you should. It’s one of the only “feel-good” shows on any streaming channel or cable network. It’s a great story about a hokey American coach who really has no business coaching soccer at all, but he manages to instill some pretty amazing core values into his team of underdogs.

Now that Apple TV owes me some promotional dollars for that plug, (just kidding) that one is on the house, I would like to share something about south Charlotte’s newest soccer team, Stumptown AC.

Their season opener was May 8, when they won against the Maryland Bobcats. But, their first home game here in Matthews was May 12 at the Sportsplex.

I love local teams and this one is no different. I also love seeing children get involved in their community. And, of course, having this new team in town got me thinking. What if we had a local school-aged kid be our sports editor for a day and cover the one of the new team’s practices and attend a home game? I know there are a lot of kids out there who are incredible writers who just happen to love sports as well.

If this sounds like your child, I’d love to hear about them. Please have them email me about why they love soccer and why they’d love to be our Junior Sports Editor for a Day. We will pick one lucky kiddo and coordinate with the good folks at Stumptown AC to have them attend practice to interview the players and put their unique spin on the story.

Please email adrian@cmgweekly.com with the subject line: “Junior Sports Editor.”

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