MINT HILL – Seven of the eight candidates running for town commissioner participated in the Mint Hill Women’s Club election forum Oct. 11 at town hall.

Beverly Blake Cannaday was the only candidate not to attend the forum.

Here is a breakdown of the candidates. You can watch the forum on the Town of Mint Hill's Facebook page.

Rhonda Walker

Rhonda Walker, a business owner who has lived in Mint Hill for 17 years, said she will make equitable decisions, being a bridge for all demographics as well as new and old families.

“It is important to recognize here in Mint Hill that our population is changing rapidly,” Walker said. “I will help to find solutions to problems that coexist with rapid growth, changing demographics. With my experience, I will help new families moving in.”

Walker has been involved in her church, schools and HOA. She said being a mother, wife and person of color separates her from other candidates, pointing to 20% of town residents being people of color.

“The five men – nothing wrong with them – may not understand what it is like being a mother and a wife and having a family here,” Walker said.

Patrick Holton

Commissioner Patrick Holton said he has provided constituents with accessibility, having a business right up the road. He said lots of people have come to his Woof ‘n Hoof pet supply store with concerns and questions about town issues.

If re-elected, Holton will focus on the town’s 10-year land-use development plan with controlling growth.

He said not being from Mint Hill helps him stand out. He has lived here for about 10 years.

“My experience from being in the military, I’ve had lots of travels and lived in lots of different places while I served,” he said. “It brings me a little bit different insight with different towns and different communities that I’ve been in that I can bring here to this town and look at things with little bit different perspective.”

He is part of the Mint Hill Lions Club and Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.

Dale Dalton

Commissioner Dale Dalton said he would like to get re-elected to a fourth term to see the town’s 10-year plan mature and develop. He has served as mayor pro tem this term.

“This year has been a bit of a challenge with the COVID,” Dalton said. “We’ve had to do a lot of things different but with the assistance of our town administrators and manager, we have been able to do a lot better job as far as getting out.”

Dalton is a member of the Mint Hill Lions Club, Mint Hill Historical Society and Mint Hill Masonic Lodge.

“Actually being involved and going to the meetings, this is how you find out what’s going on in your community,” he said.

Strong leadership, he added, will keep development at bay to where it’s not overgrowth.

Twanna Henderson

Twanna Henderson described herself as a lifelong public servant. She has served 13 years as a civil magistrate judge, 27 years as a licensed attorney and more than 20 years as a servant leader at her church.

“It’s going to be very important that we have a commissioner who has transferable skills that I bring as an attorney,” she said, pointing to the need to understand contracts as well as interact with developers and planners.

She is a member of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce. Her church has served Mint Hill for over 20 years.

“I believe that we have to look for someone who has fresh eyes, fresh ideas and fresh perspectives,” Henderson said. “I’m ready to be able to provide the leadership and direction of the future that Mint Hill has.”

Tony Long

Commissioner Tony Long said he lives, works and volunteers in town. Long is a small business owner with 15-plus years of experience on the Mint Hill Planning Board.

Long has lived in Mint Hill for more than 45 years. He has volunteered with the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce as well as boards in Charlotte and Raleigh. He also is a volunteer teacher on business issues at Myers Park and Independence high schools.

“I have the ability to stand back and ask some hard questions of folks that are wanting to locate businesses here and why,” Long said.

Richard Newton

Richard Newton has lived in Mint Hill for nearly 30 years.

He’s served as a commissioner for six years and planning board member for two years. He has served Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Mint Hill Lions Club, Mint Hill Historical Society and the Mint Hill Masonic Lodge.

He worked on the 2000 and 2011 ten-year plan.

“During that time, I’ve earned a lot and I hope given some to the town,” Newton said. “We have grown in a good, nice manner. We have some business and we’re trying to get more. I know that but we also need to make sure we work on our housing and make sure we have the right amount of housing for each section.”

Scott Fandel

Scott Fandel is a business owner and seven-year member of the Mint Hill Planning Board. The Charlotte native moved to Mint Hill 18 years ago.

“I know that we have growth coming but I think with strong leadership, if we manage that growth properly, it can only benefit the town and the people of Mint Hill,” Fandel said. “I feel like my 37 years experience in construction and dealing with developers, NCDOT, Charlotte Water and Mecklenburg County can only benefit the town as we move forward.”

Fandel feels that experience will help him hit the ground running.

He has also been involved in the Mint Hill Athletic Association, Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce and Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. He also served as volunteer construction manager for the Korean War Memorial at Veterans Park.

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