MINT HILL – The Mecklenburg County Assessor's Office is making the rounds to educate the community about the 2023 revaluation. 

Staff gave updates to the Pineville Town Council on April 12, Mint Hill Board of Commissioners on April 14 and a slew of community groups since September. They’ll visit the Matthews Board of Commissioners on April 25 and Charlotte City Council on May 9.

State law requires counties to conduct a reappraisal at least once every eight years. 

Mecklenburg’s last appraisal was in 2019, but the county has since shifted its revaluation to four-year cycles to stay closer to the market and reduce the likelihood of large market increases, according to Assistant Assessor Brad Fowler.

Revaluations are used to redistribute the property tax base, not as a means of increasing property tax revenue, he said. 

“Things in Mint Hill may not grow at the same rate that things in Uptown will grow,” Fowler told Mint Hill commissioners. “Commercial property may not grow at the same rates as residential property. So when we revalue, we're simply trying to set that fairness and equity across those different property spectrums, either locationally or by type.”

The tax assessor’s office breaks Mecklenburg County down into smaller pieces through neighborhood delineation. Fowlers said these more manageable pieces make it easier for his staff of 40 appraisers to determine value. 

The community can use the Property Record Card Property Search tool on Mecklenburg County’s website to see the value of their property and comparable sales. Fowler encourages the public to contact his office if they see something incorrect with their property records. 

The county assessor office will finalize values in December. Notices of value will be mailed out to property owners in January 2023. Property owners can appeal their values through May 2023. Tax bills based on the new assessments will go out in July 2023. 

Mecklenburg County has programs to help adults 65 and older ($31,900 income requirement for 2022 application) as well as disabled veterans, pay their property taxes. The deadline to apply for these programs is June 1. 

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