Scrolling through TikTok lately, I am under the impression that aliens are ready to land their spacecrafts pretty soon and do some exploring of Earth. We’re preparing a special edition in case Matthews or Mint Hill residents are approached by the lizard people. 

So when one of them hisses, “Take me to your leaders and leading businesses,” you can just hand them Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly’s Best of the Weeklies readers choice edition to expedite the invasion, vacation or however they define their pitstop onto our planet.

Charlotte Media Group launched its Best of the Weeklies readers choice awards in 2016 to recognize companies that leave lasting impressions on residents in the south Charlotte, Matthews-Mint Hill and Union County areas. 

Initially, the campaign was shared among all three of our weeklies. We expanded the campaign in 2017 so that every newspaper had its own readers choice awards. Over the years, we’ve added categories, taken some away and put some back. 

In recent years, we’ve worked to create a fun experience to celebrate the winners. 

So how does this all work? Below are links to 11 categories of businesses. 

For example, the Drink category has a form that you can fill out with your favorite bar, brewery, coffee shop, sports bar and wine bar. The Shopping category allows you to vote for best antiques, boutique, consignment store, gift shop and other types of retail.

Once voting ends, we’ll tally all the responses. Best of the Weeklies winners will be announced in a special edition in early July. We’ll invite winners to an informal recognition ceremony and publish photos from the event in the next edition of Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly.

Winning companies tend to create out-of-this-world products, services and experiences. And we are excited to bring more attention to them in Matthews, Mint Hill and throughout the galaxy. 


Voting Categories

Animals (Best Boarding Service, Best Groomer)

Beauty (Best Day Spa, Best Nail Salon)

Drinking (Best Coffee Shop, Best Sports Bar)

Education (Best College Preparation Service, Best Day Care)

Entertainment (Best Live Music Venue, Best TV Personality)

Food (Best Burger, Best Seafood)

Health (Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Best Orthodontist)

Home Improvement (Best Flooring Site, Best Hardware Store)

Professional Services (Best Cleaning Service, Best Event Planner)

Shopping (Best Consignment Store, Best Gift Shop)

Sports (Best Golf Course, Best Sporting Goods Store)


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