MATTHEWS – Town leaders are already thinking about what’s next following the approval of park and transportation bonds during the Nov. 8 election. 

The town has seven years (plus a potential three-year extension)  to issue up to $21 million in general obligation bonds for transportation projects and $14 million in GO bonds for parks and recreation. 

Town Manager Becky Hawke explained to commissioners Nov. 14 how completing the design work ahead of issuing the bonds ensures projects are shovel-ready and secures the proper amount of debt. 

“In order to be ready to consider a bond issuance at a later date, there are a number of projects that require design work,” Hawke said. 

Some of those are as follows: 

• Downtown streetscape/mobility improvements

• Greylock Ridge Road extension

• Sidewalk connections

• Downtown parking improvements

• East Charles/Crestdale railroad crossing improvements

• Purser-Hulsey Park Completion

• Matthews Downtown Loop 

Commissioner Mark Tofano wants to ensure the community has opportunities to weigh in on projects throughout the process. 

As far as Hawke’s request, Commissioner John Urban said he’d like to hear feedback from the public regarding the prioritization of projects as well as internal costs and then discuss everything at the annual planning conference. 

Hawke said the public will also have opportunities to give feedback during the design phase of each individual project.

Mayor John Higdon thanked the public for voting in what he called “somewhat of a historic election for Matthews.”


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