MATTHEWS –  Mayor John Higdon recently proclaimed the week of June 21 to 27 as Pollinator Week and urged citizens to recognize the important role birds, bees, butterflies and other insects play in our lives. 

The proclamation noted how pollinators not only help produce much of our food supply but also enhance economic development opportunities for communities. 

The resolution states: “The Town of Matthews is committed to the management of landscapes, parks and public land to protect and enhance pollinators, and encourages businesses, developers and residents to promote wise conservation stewardship in landscaping, including the protection of pollinators and maintenance of pollinator habitats.”

Matthews became the fifth city in the nation to earn a Bee City USA designation. 

Gretchen Reid, chair of Bee City USA for Matthews, thanked the town for its continued support for protecting pollinators and providing healthy habitats for them like the garden at Country Place Park. 

Reid encouraged people to check out the pollinator display this week at the rear entrance of the library as well as follow Bee City USA  on Facebook (@MatthewsBeeCity), where she'll share informative and fun things about pollinators. 

Bee City USA can also be found at the farmers market. The group's observation hive lets people see bees up close behind glass. 

Higdon, who happens to be a beekeeper, said when he first got into the hobby, he asked his beekeeping mentor how close he could get to the hive when mowing his lawn. The mentor told him: “oh don't worry, you'll figure it out.”

“I learned not to wear shorts when I mowed the grass,” Higdon said. 

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