Stumptown AC draws with LA Force

Junior reporter Cooper Budd interviewed members of Stumptown AC after their game against LA Force on Oct. 9 at the Matthews Sportsplex. Adrian Garson/CMG photo

MATTHEWS – Stumptown AC’s Saturday night game versus the LA Force resulted in 0-0 draw with some exceptional goalkeeping on both parts.

It was a very physical game with a total of nine injuries. One of which was in the first two minutes when an LA Force player went down.

Both sides had multiple chances in front of the goal and a lot of unlucky plays.

Stumptown AC performed well especially given the number of first-time starters on the team. There were also lot of fouls, including two or three yellow cards.

Stumptown AC should have won as they outplayed the LA Force, but not being able to capitalize on the opportunities in front of the opposing goal hurt them. A great example is the beautiful cross late in the game that could have given them the win if the shot on the open goal had not gone wide.

Post-game interviews with two players and the head coach showed the team to be in high spirits after the game.

As a new team in its inaugural season, they are playing well and have a chance at making the playoffs. To do this, they will have to capitalize off of open goals and bad defensive positioning to finish in the top three of the 10 NISA teams.

At the moment, Stumptown AC is ranked fourth in NISA play and the LA Force is ranked third with a difference of one goal between the two teams. In one week, Stumptown plays the No. 2 ranked California United Strikers and the LA Force will play the No. 6 ranked New Amsterdam Football Club.

Overall, Head Coach Rod Underwood thinks the team needs to focus on improving their shooting skills and goalkeeper Kevin Gonzalez needs to be more communicative to the rest of the team from the goal. All of the players I interviewed said they just want to work hard and continue to try their best to make the playoffs. With this attitude, they are sure to make it.

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