I am an American citizen and currently live in Indian Trail. 

I am a nature and outdoor lover. I go to Crooked Creek Park and Chestnut Square Park almost every day for a walk in the trails or for spending some time among the trees in the parks. These parks are very useful public facilities in Union County. 

I would like to bring something to your kind attention. 

During the last two years, I used to live in the university area in Charlotte, near Reedy Creek Park (on the Rocky River Road) and I used to go there almost every day to breathe in fresh air.  

Within that park, there are many benches installed along the various trails. These benches are used by the walkers, joggers and particularly the senior citizens and children to rest and relax. I also found some artists/painters sitting on the benches and doing their paintings of nature. I used to sit on the benches and think about plots for my writings.

I have read in Union County Weekly that in 2022 that the county will focus on improving the roads, and the next year (2023), they will focus on improving the parks. 

So, it is my heartiest request to the Union County authorities to provide some benches in trails within the Crooked Creek Park and the Chestnut Square Park. I think people will be really benefited by this. 

In this regard, there are a few things which can possibly be adapted from the Reedy Creek Park as a model.

Geetu Sarkar, Indian Trail


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