Sheffield Site Map

This map shows the site outlined in red. Map courtesy of Town of Indian Trail

INDIAN TRAIL – The Indian Trail Town Council approved a rezoning Aug. 24 for Sheffield, a subdivision with up to 71 homes on 88 acres off Indian Trail-Fairview Road.

South of the site, on the other side of Crooked Creek, lies the Bonterra, Annandale and Fieldstone Farm neighborhoods.

“The property is a vacant former farmland with quite a bit of floodplain,” Planning Director Brandi Deese told the council.

The development team has adapted to this by proposing fewer homes and utilizing land for greenways.

Results of a wet land study call for a proposed greenway on the property to be moved slightly north, resulting in a third greenway connection. The property will connect to the Carolina Thread Trail as well a trails from Bonterra.

“Though not technically identified in the future land use plan, it does meet several of the comprehensive plans goals through land use and housing, infrastructure, and parks and recreation, and open space and natural environment,” Deese said.

Kenneth Holbrooks, of Provident Bayard, said the project would consist of “nice expensive homes, more expensive than the surrounding area.” He said they would sell for at least $400,000.

“Eight-five percent of the houses in here back up to open space, back up to trees, back up to something other than another lot,” Holbrooks said. “That was important for us.”

Each unit will come with a two-car garage in addition to 20-foot driveway widths.

The project is estimated to add 41 students to the Porter Ridge High School cluster, which includes Sardis Elementary. Schools in that area are under capacity, according to the staff report.

A left turn lane will be added to the entrance of the subdivision.

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