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 CHARLOTTE – McColl Center showcased new artist support programs and launched a new brand identity, including a reimagined logo, during the fall 2021 exhibit opening Sept. 30.

“We are embarking on a dynamic and transformative path for McColl Center that reinforces our commitment to putting artists first,” CEO Alli Celebron-Brown said. “This path was illuminated by collaborating with artists, community members and partners who see McColl Center as an evolving hub for creativity and continuing catalyst for growth within the creative community. Our renewed vision keeps our artist residency at the heart of McColl Center, while creating new programs and opportunities that respond to the needs of Charlotte's creative community and open our doors to more local artists.”

McColl Center is expanding access to spaces, programs and exhibits, including creating nine subsidized studios for local artists and new artist entrepreneurship workshops as key efforts in a continuing commitment to artists.

Additional artist support initiatives will follow.

McColl Center’s new look and logo embodies the notion of artists first, while celebrating the power of artists and contemporary art to help shape the future.

The fall exhibit opening featured new artists-in-residence William D. Caballero, Renluka Maharaj, Ken West, and Cherrie Yu. A local studio artist pop-up gallery featured work by Wil Bosbyshell, Micah Cash, Christopher Holston, Malik J. Norman, Samantha Rosado, Eboné Lockett, and Nill Smith.

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