CHARLOTTE – Author Jennifer Burns spreads autumn joy in her sweet and cozy children’s book, “Autumn Song.” 

Whether it be going to a local pumpkin patch or jumping into a freshly raked pile of leaves, Autumn Song is the perfect book for children to get into the fall spirit. 

Burns was inspired by autumn because it is the season of new beginnings. 

“I grew up surrounded by teachers and there was always an energy and excitement ahead of the new school year,” Burns said. “It is also a season of letting go, just like the trees let go of their leaves in preparation for something new. Writing Autumn Song was my way of doing my best to capture many of my favorite things about the season for myself and my children,” she explains. 

The five senses are incorporated in “Autumn Song,” aligning the words and images to help children relate to the story. Whether it be the crunch of the leaves or the smell of cinnamon spice, Burns wants kids to learn about the five senses, and autumn elicits all of them. 

She hopes the book will help children create memories and that it will evoke memories for adults. 

“I hope parents read it with their children and talk about the beautiful illustrations in relation to their own fall experiences,” Burns says. She hopes that celebrating fall-related activities will allow families to come together and cherish all that life has to give. “The last 20 months have been a time of searching for purpose and meaning and being grateful for the little things. This book is about focusing on the simple things that really matter in life.” 

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