Southeastern elementary school enrollment boundary

This map shows how the new elementary school will pull from neighboring schools. Photo courtesy of CMS

CHARLOTTE – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools decided on boundaries Nov. 9 for a 45-classroom building on the Mint Hill Middle School campus that will relieve overcrowding at Bain, Lebanon Road and Piney Grove elementary schools starting in the 2022-23 school year.

Superintendent Earnest Winston's recommendation included moving 174 students out of Matthews Elementary School, including children in the Crestdale community. School board member Sean Strain convinced enough of his colleagues to leave about 71 elementary school students from the Crestdale community at Matthews Elementary.

That's really important to the Matthews community and it's critical for the Crestdale Road communities,” Strain said.

Strain described Matthews Elementary School as overcrowded with a building capacity of 800 students. As many as 834 students are assigned there, including seven attending virtual school.

The school has 12 mobile units. Either strategy would likely move enrollment below capacity enough to eliminate mobile units.

School board member Elyse Dashew and Carol Sawyer expressed concern about Strain's recommendation.

I don't think it's good governance to amend a complicated plan from the dais,” Sawyer said, adding she'd like to see complete data on how both schools were affected by the change.

Margaret Marshall and Lenora Shipp sided with Strain while Thelma Byers-Bailey abstained from the vote.

While the school will ease overcrowding at three schools, some students will be traveling increased distances to school.

Craven-Howell explained that students heading to the new school from Matthews and Lebanon Road would have farther distances to get there. That's also the case for Piney Grove students heading to Crown Point.

The changes also create multiple split feeds from the new elementary to middle school. Craven-Howell said these split feeds could be resolved in 2022. Strain would like to see Truelight Church Road united.

Stain addressed the Bain Elementary community, saying that more work will be done to alleviate overcrowding there.

Superintendent Earnest Winston said updating student assignment boundaries for schools is among the most difficult and scrutinized recommendations staff presents to the school board.

We understand that has had such a personal connection for our families and our students,” Winston said. “That is why staff carefully considers the implications of boundary changes for our students and families, and we seek community input.”

Changes approved by school board

Assign to the new elementary school:

Portion of Matthew Elementary attendance area south of Sam Newell Road / North Trade Street and east of East Charles Street and north of I-485. Strain's motion changed the area to south of Sam Newell Road /Trade Street, east on Matthews-Mint Hill Road, south to East Charles Street and east of the Crestdale Road communities.

Portion of Crown Point Elementary attendance area south of Sam Newell Rd. and Irvins Creek and east of Idlewild Rd. and the Suburban Woods subdivision

Portion of Lebanon Road Elementary attendance area including the apartments off Margaret Wallace Road. and south of Margaret Wallace Road. and west of Lebanon Rd. and south of Irvins Creek (Pine Lake Country Club and south)

Portion of Bain Elementary attendance area currently continuing to Butler High School and the portion northeast of Idlewild Road and east of Matthews-Mint Hill Road and the houses along Well Road and extending southeast across I-485 south to Marshall Hooks Road and extended to the county line (including the communities Belle Grove / Nottaway Plantation, Mint Lake Village, Thompson Place, Jonathan’s Ridge)

Assign to Crown Point Elementary

Portion of the Piney Grove Elementary attendance area which currently continues to Mint Hill Middle and Butler High.

Assign to Matthews Elementary

Portion of Sardis Forest neighborhood currently assigned to Greenway Park Elementary and its continuation schools.

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