The Union County Health Department inspected these restaurants from May 28 to June 3:

Lowest Score

Taqueria Monarcas, 402 Patton Ave., Monroe – 85

Violations include: Kitchen hand sink used for colander and lettuce; raw chicken was stored above raw beef and fish in cold-holding drawer; meat slicer, knife and can opener blade were stored unclean; salsa, shredded lettuce and cut tomatoes weren’t held cool enough; and salsas, lettuce and tomatoes were improperly cooled.

All Scores

Indian Trail

Athenian Grill, 614 S. Indian Trail Road – 97

Cactus Rose Cafe, 633 Indian Trail Road S. – 98

Chick-fil-A, 13801 E. Independence Blvd. – 98.5

Taqueria La Unica, 4305 Old Monroe Road – 87

Waffle House, 13727 E. Independence Blvd. – 90


Crooke’s Fresh Market, 1620 E. Roosevelt Blvd. – 96.5

Five Guys Famous Burgers And Fries, 2833 W. Roosevelt Blvd. – 94.5

Hathaway’s, 1310 Roosevelt Blvd. W. – 98.5

Taco Bell, 2104 W. Roosevelt Blvd. – 98

Taqueria Monarcas, 402 Patton Ave. – 85

The Sea Hut, 354 E. Franklin St. – 95

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