The Union County Health Department inspected these restaurants from June 25 to July 1: 

Lowest Scores

• Carniceria Morelos, 1510 Miller St., Monroe – 91.5

Violations include: Utensils and pans had dried meat debris on them; flies were in the facility; raw chicken and beef were stored underneath leaking condenser in cold display unit; dishes were stacked wet; reach-in cooler condenser was leaking; and equipment handles and gaskets were not clean. 

Indian Trail

• Jimmy John's, 6405 Old Monroe Road – 97.5

• The Bridge Restaurant, 5902 Indian Trail-Fairview Road – 99 


• American Deli, 1014 W. Roosevelt Blvd. – 98.5

• Carniceria Morelos, 1510 Miller St. – 91.5

• Fox's Alley, 1901 Skyway Drive – 98.5

• Palace Restaurant, 1000 Lancaster Ave. – 98.5


• New Asia Market (meat market), 4400 Potter Road – 100

• Sam's Mart/Amar Mart, 2700 Old Monroe Road – 100


• Ice Cream and Pizza Works, 3913 Providence Road – 95.5

• Pizza Hut, 703 W. S. Main St. – 100

Wesley Chapel

• Harris Teeter (deli) – 5920 Weddington-Monroe Road – 100

• Harris Teeter (meats/seafoods), 5920 Weddington-Monroe Road – 100

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