CHARLOTTE – Customers will be able to walk into Twigs & Figs to explore a wide array of houseplants and home decor, order a drink from the bar and build their own plant arrangements in the workshop area. 

The premium houseplant shop and creative space is opening Sept. 4 at 15205 John J. Delaney Drive. Twigs & Figs is designed to be a community-centered shop – where plants meet people.

“Our goal is to create an opportunity for the Charlotte community to gather and learn how plants can better our lives,” co-founder Treena Chaudhuri said. “We can’t wait to meet new friends in the shop and create amazing things together.”

The plant shop will provide a fun shopping experience with options for all plant parents. For somebody with limited plant experience or time, Twigs & Figs team members may recommend a small snake plant, ZZ plant or pothos. For a seasoned plant parent looking for a challenge, they may recommend a tall fiddle leaf fig or bird of paradise. 

Plants within the shop will be arranged based on lighting and care needs so that everyone can find the best match for their space and lifestyle.

In addition to purchasing plants directly from the shop, guests can get creative in the workshop space. 

People can build terrariums, wreaths, pots, plant stands and more using a variety of plants such as

succulents, cacti and air plants as well as materials like glassware, wire, pebbles, sand, moss and shells.

Not only will the workshop tables be available to use during regular store hours, but Twigs & Figs will also host scheduled workshops each week for those who prefer a more hands-on, guided experience. Workshops can be reserved for corporate events, birthday parties and other group events.

At a later date, guests will be able to enjoy drinks such as wine, beer, cider, seltzer and mimosas. Initially, the bar will have juices, tea and kombucha. Other items available to buy include pottery, hanging baskets, candles, incense and plant care books.

The shop’s atmosphere will be bolstered by vibrant artwork decorating the space. Workshop tables will be decorated by local artists, murals will adorn the walls and floor decals will feature plant puns.

Guests can expect a staged living room area where staff will style plant arrangements to provide home design inspiration. 

The week of grand opening will include giveaways, henna tattoos, tarot card readings, sweet treats and a wall of envelopes with special offers for guests who want to perform random acts of kindness.

Twigs & Figs is a minority-owned business and is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all marginalized groups. To further this mission, the shop will actively partner with local LGBTQ+ nonprofits.

“We are thrilled to open Twigs & Figs and provide a safe, creative space for anyone and everyone,” Chaudhuri said. “From houseplant experts to people who are just now learning about plants, we hope to have something for all of our guests.”

Want to go?

Twigs & Figs will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday as well as from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at 15205 John J. Delaney Drive. The store is hiring store associates and houseplant care experts. 

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