CHARLOTTE – The Independence Fund and Loyal Source have launched the “Independence Line,” a call center designed to assist U.S. veterans, Afghans and their friends and family navigate the issues with the Afghanistan withdrawal.

This call center will be staffed by trained and qualified clinicians to provide assistance both to the Afghans now in the United States who served with U.S. Service Members and the U.S. veterans who may have difficulty in these times.

“With tens of thousands of Afghan men, women and children arriving in the U.S.,” said Sarah Verardo, CEO of The Independence Fund, “there is a critical need to help these refugees navigate America’s complex refugee and asylum systems and ensure U.S. veterans get the care and benefits they rate and need, where and when they need it.”

The call center will triage incoming requests for assistance related to housing, food, mental health, health care, clothing, legal assistance and other issues.

The call center will conduct comprehensive assessments and work with its case management team to find the best, quickest services to fill the gaps in the current system. The Independence Line will not turn anyone away.

“We want veterans, Afghans, and their family and friends to know The Independence Fund is here for them,” Verardo said. “We recognize your service and are prepared to help you navigate a complex system to get the care and services you need.”

Brian Moore, CEO of Loyal Source, emphasized the importance of providing assistance to Afghans and their friends and family,

“We are thrilled to partner with the Independence Fund on this critical mission,” Moore said. “The call center is a natural progression to our existing work with refugees across the nation.”

The Independence Line will begin taking calls at 1-855-341-5456 on Sept. 21.

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