In a time when state-wide lockdowns were mandated, the fear of safety within Asian households has heightened because of disingenuous claims and the rise of xenophobic attacks against Asians in America.

Christy Innouvong-Thornton and Beatriz Aurelio-Saguin experienced this targeted misinformation themselves and recognized the need for better representation.

They founded Tuk Tuk Box to amplify the Southeast Asian experience, cook the food they craved through the forced separation from their families amid the pandemic and ultimately, adjust the narrative surrounding Asian communities through the ways that connect us all – food and storytelling.

Too often Southeast Asians are not represented and are left out of the conversation, ” Beatriz said. “We had to ask ourselves, how could we bridge the gap in a respectful and accessible way. Food plays such an important role in our cultures. It was only natural to foster conversations around the table.”

Tuk Tuk Box is a subscription box filled with a curated collection of Southeast Asian food, snacks and treats. Each box exclusively features Southeast Asian ingredients and includes refugee, migrant and generational stories.

Additionally, a Southeast Asian chef or small business owner is featured in each box, helping to support and amplify Southeast Asian chefs and small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic.

Additionally, with every purchase, Tuk Tuk Box gives 10% of its proceeds to Courageous Kitchen, a 501c3 food education nonprofit benefiting refugee families living in Bangkok, Thailand and San Diego, California.

Our goal is to give people in the Asian community a chance to reconnect with their favorite snacks and food from childhood, while being an entry point for people who may not know much about the diversity in Southeast Asian cuisine,” Christy said. “Snacks are a friendly way to engage with one another. Each of our boxes represent a unique assortment so people can try a variety of flavor combinations while also making an impact.”

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