CONCORD – Speedway Motorsports executive Dan Chittock has been named general manager of its souvenir merchandise subsidiary, SMI Properties.

Chittock will take over for George Gay, who is retiring after serving as vice president and general manager since 2014.

In his new role, Chittock will enhance the at-track experience by providing souvenir assortment and service, improving SMI Properties’ capability to create top-of-the-line products and growing the company’s efforts online to connect more consumers with products.

In addition, he will maintain his position as vice president of business operations for zMAX Micro Lubricants.

“Dan spent nearly a decade working his way through the ranks at SMI Properties before taking charge of the day-to-day operations at zMAX,” said Jessica Fickenscher, executive vice president and chief experience officer for Speedway Motorsports. “Now he’ll return to his roots to use all that he has learned to continue to improve on the operational efficiencies and vitality of our merchandising arm of the company.”

Chittock joined Speedway Motorsports in 2008 as program manager for SMI Properties, where he was later promoted to senior sales manager in 2015. Most recently, he has worked as vice president of business operations at zMAX Micro Lubricants since 2017.

“SMI Properties has always been special to me as the place where I grew up professionally,” Chittock said. “To be able to assume this new role and contribute to the continued success of the company is truly an honor. George was a wonderful mentor and I look forward to continuing the work that he started.”

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