Marsha Gale opens Manduu

Marsha Gale came upon Manduu when she was looking for a workout that didn't put stress on her joints. Photo courtesy of Manduu Charlotte


CHARLOTTE – Manduu Charlotte opened its doors two months ago in the StoneCrest at Piper Glen Shopping Center, despite state mask mandates and social distancing requirements.

We talked with its owner, Marsha Gale, about this unique fitness experience known as Manduu.

What is Manduu?

Manduu is a boutique fitness studio concept and the first FDA-cleared electrical muscle stimulation training program in the U.S., where clients complete a 15-minute, trainer-guided workout while connected to a whole-body EMS suit. One session at Manduu produces results that take six to eight hours of strength training to achieve in a regular gym.

How did you find out about Manduu and what intrigued you about this method?

I was recovering from my seventh knee surgery and looking for some kind of workout I could do that would put less stress on my joints. I saw Kathie Lee Gifford on TV talking about her latest workout and she mentioned Manduu. I did more research and then went to Nashville to experience a workout firsthand and the rest is history. 

What is it about Manduu’s EMS workout that you think will be appealing to people here in South Charlotte?

It’s the most efficient way to exercise – you can get a 15-minute workout done any time during the day–even lunch. You won’t even have to shower. Our motto says it all: Get In, Get Fit and Get Out. Also, the first session is free, so there is no risk or obligation. 

What’s different about this workout compared to others in our area?

Simply put, Manduu’s EMS workout takes less time overall to provide maximum results. The best way for me to explain it is to start from the moment you walk in the door.

When you walk in, one of our trainers will greet you from behind the desk or while they’re wrapping up another workout with a member. You’ll then go to a dressing room and change into specially designed pants and a T-shirt–these are provided by us, but you can also purchase your own set if you want.

Then you’ll stand on our InBody Machine. It basically gives us a snapshot of your current state of fitness: hydration, muscle, fat, weight, etc. You can use it at every session to track your progress.

Then you’ll move to a wetting station, don’t worry. It’s warm water. This is where the trainer will wet all the electrodes, so they are effective during your 15-minute workout.

The trainer will help you into your vest and shorts to make sure the electrodes are positioned properly over your pants and T-shirt. They’ll attach cables to the console and begin to deliver the electrical pulses to all nine major muscle groups at once. You’ll be guided in simple exercises designed to enhance the workout for the next 15 minutes. It will feel a bit strange at first, almost like you’re moving through mud because the machine provides resistance.

How long have you been open?

We’ve been open since mid-March of this year. We’ve already got a strong and consistent membership with room for growth not only at our Ballantyne location but at future locations, which can serve communities beyond south Charlotte’s Ballantyne location.

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll begin to see results after a few workouts. People notice pretty quickly that their visceral fat and total body fat decrease and skeletal muscle mass increases. Frequently, aches and pains lessen, especially joint and back pain, and people report feeling stronger. Manduu creates long, lean muscle, and the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Clients comment that their clothes fit better because they are getting tighter and firmer.

Should I be doing other kinds of workouts in addition to this?

The beautiful thing about doing Manduu is that you really only need about 20 minutes of cardio on most days in addition to our workouts. Most people do a Manduu workout once every five days but if you want results faster, you can do Manduu every 48 hours, once you become adapted to the exercise.

Visit for more information about Manduu.

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