JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – Pet Paradise will launch a new radiology platform at its veterinary clinics called SignalPET that uses artificial intelligence to aid in assessments of health concerns.

The introduction of SignalPET’s AI radiology platform helps our veterinarians receive results while the patient is still in the hospital and start same-day treatment if necessary. It alleviates delays in care and multiple trips to the veterinary clinic,” said Dr. Jaime Pickett, chief veterinary officer for Pet Paradise. “The use of AI enables our veterinarians to focus more on treatment and providing high-quality care.”

SignalPET augments a clinician’s ability to quickly assess common health issues. The AI technology uses machine-based predictive algorithms to analyze millions of data points across 50 radiology tests in under 10 minutes. The results are faster, more efficient and they provide more accurate assessments for more than 85% of the most common x-ray findings, according to Pet Paradise.

We developed SignalPET with the veterinarian in mind and the pet patient at heart,” said Dr. Neil Shaw, SignalPET co-founder and chief medical officer. “Our proprietary AI technology is the first of its kind and it provides results that are consistent, thorough and predictable, helping provide greater confidence to veterinarians when assessing common health issues and greater peace of mind for pet parents.”

Pet Paradise offers seven-day, comprehensive veterinary care at its 22 locations across the southeastern United States. Veterinary clinics and hospitals feature dedicated rooms providing wellness exams, treatment, surgery and imaging services. 

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