Massage Heights

Massage Heights won its first Best of the Weekly award for Best Massage. Justin Vick/CMG photo

Best Day Spa: Massage Heights

Massage therapists and lifestyle consultants help clients get the most out of their visits. A key piece of the company's branding focuses on elevating people's lives. It's a great place to get a facial or massage.

Best Hair Salon: Monte Bella Salon

The salon is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021. Owner Mary Moore employs some of the region's most experienced stylists. In addition to haircuts, shampoos and up-dos, you can get color, foil, Brazilian and Keratin treatments.

Best Hair Stylist: Marisa Grooms

Grooms manages Grooms Hairstyling within Riz Salons. The family hairdresser was happy to remove the mask for the first time while working last month – a sign that the pandemic that shut her down for two months in 2020 is nearly behind us.

Best Nail Salon: Cute Nails

If you're looking for cute nails to leave a lasting impression, then you can't go wrong going to a salon called Cute Nails. The business is more than a cute name. It is backed by about 20 years of experience.

Best Tattoo Shop: Divine Arts Tattoo

Since 2012, the upscale tattoo studio has made Matthews a destination for those seeking high-quality body art. The creativity of Jordan Matchin and his stable of tattoo artists knows no bounds.

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