Ted Vande Woude, Queen City K9 Services

Ted Vande Woude accepts the award for Best Dog Trainer on behalf of Queen City K9 Services. Justin Vick/CMG photo 

Best Dog Trainer: Queen City K9 Services

Ted Vande Woude and his team prepare dogs for police training, military work or being obedient members of the family. Ted's years of experience assure dog owners that they're not barking up the wrong tree.

Best Groomer: Tiffany's Pet Salon

Even the cutest and sweetest fur babies can become stinky little messes. Tiffany's Pet Salon can help with all of your pets' grooming needs, even if they are puppies. The salon not only pampers but has taken collections for animal nonprofits.

Best Pet Friendly Bar: Jekyll & Hyde Taphouse and Grill

Jekyll & Hyde has made no bones about being a dog-friendly pub. Staff allows patrons to hang out with their dogs on the spacious patio. The pub has also supported the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Best Pet Store: Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds has been a hub for birdwatchers and enthusiasts for 25 years. The store carries quality seed, an array of gifts, tools to attract diverse birds, a full slate of educational programming and a cute dog mascot in Buddy

Best Veterinarian: Miller Animal Hospital

Dr. Jack Miller has been taking care of fur babies, including the occasional deer visiting the office for a snack, since 2003. The hospital offers medical, surgical and dental services as well as preventive care.

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