Iora Health participates at senior expo

Tiffany Chambers (left) and her colleague, Alexis, participate in the Thrive Outside Micro Expo on Sept. 24 in Indian Trail. Adrian Garson/CMG photo

CHARLOTTE -- One Medical recently acquired Iora Health, a company that entered the Charlotte market two years ago with a new primary care model unique to older adults. 

Iora Health works with older adults on Medicare. The company incorporates behavior health specialists and health coaches in addition to doctors to ensure people get care across the spectrum. 

Officials with the company say this is a more holistic, team-based approach to health care as opposed to outsourcing services. 

Drs. Danielle Rosen, Melanie McMinn and Mehul Shah staff two offices in Charlotte. One is located in MoRA, specifically the intersection of Monroe and Idlewild roads. Another is located within the McMullen Creek Market along Pineville-Matthews Road. 

Iora schedules longer appointments with doctors to ensure their unique needs are met. 

Tiffany Chambers, a regional field sales manager, said during Charlotte Media Group’s Thrive Outside Micro Expo that One Medical’s acquisition of Iora Health allows for a continuum of care. 

“The idea is for you to stay with us from adolescent to senior care,” Chambers said. “We still focus on taking care of seniors, spending more time with them, developing relationships and helping them meet their health goals.”

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