As we close out this year with life giving us glimpses of what “normal” looks like, I am reminded of how many incredible women we have in our communities who have carried us through the past 18 months by giving of their time, their talents and their resources.

And before I get hate mail, yes I know plenty of men who have given the same and made a big difference as well. But I want to talk about the ladies right now.

Over the years, our publications have highlighted women across the south Charlotte market who have been described as powerful, influential and inspirational. But I keep going back to the word “dynamic.” 

By its definition, dynamic is characterized by constant change, activity or progress. It can also mean a person who possesses a positive attitude, energy and new ideas. The word dynamic describes so many women in our communities who have made an impact despite all the obstacles the world has placed at our doorsteps.

About a week ago, we put a call out to our social media followers to nominate a Dynamic Woman that they feel should be highlighted in a special edition of our newspapers early next year. We’ve already received some phenomenal submissions. We’d like to highlight the top 50 submissions but we’ve decided to go a step further. We are going to host an inaugural 50 Most Dynamic Women event and print a special magazine to highlight the 50, while featuring one of them on the cover of this special commemorative edition. I love idea of telling their stories in this publication but also celebrating these women with the hope that their stories will inform, resonate and inspire.

I want to clarify one thing in particular about this award. Being a dynamic woman is not solely reserved for the female CEOs and powerhouse business women, though we will certainly showcase our share of those. A dynamic woman can be a stay-at-home mother, a teacher, a police officer, a school secretary, a church volunteer, a retail sales associate, a waitress, and so on. Occupation is not part of the criteria with this recognition. 

If you know a woman in your life who you’d describe as dynamic and would like to nominate her for our 50 Most Dynamic Women of 2021, you can do so by visiting and answering just a few short questions.


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