MATTHEWS – Little did Sean Stanley know more than 30 years ago while bagging groceries at a Harris Teeter in Charlotte as a high school senior that he would spend the early part of adulthood climbing the career ladder with the grocery chain. Never in his wildest dreams did Stanley think he would launch a company that would have products for sale on the shelves at Harris Teeter and donating a portion of the profits to benefit a friend’s charity.

But that is exactly what has happened.

After launching EcoTwist Clean, Stanley made it a goal to get his product on store shelves at his former employer, Harris Teeter. Besides being in more than 350 locations in half a dozen states for other chains, consumers now can find EcoTwist in Harris Teeter stores throughout the Carolinas.

EcoTwist Clean has more than 20 detergents specifically manufactured for a variety of uses from babies to pets to sports.

Harris Teeter brought me in at 17 and I found a home there,” he said. “Some people move away to get away, but I had to move away to find my way. And now this latest step is a culmination of a dream and a lot of hard work by a lot of people.”

Stanley also planned to donate 1% of sales in Harris Teeter locations to The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter in support his former colleague, Kristin McCoy. She was diagnosed with ALS November 2012 and worked up until 2014.

The people at Harris Teeter are my family,” Stanley said. “Many of us grew up together in the organization. We took care of one another. There was no question I wanted to do something to help Kristin.”

Stanley founded EcoTwist Clean with a simple mantra – people over profits.

He has donated time, resources and money to a number of charities. It was that family atmosphere that permeated the entire Harris Teeter organization, Stanley said.

In addition to donating a portion of sales to McCoy’s charity, Stanley also planned an ALS walk in her honor Sept. 25 as part of the ALS Association North Carolina Chapter’s Walk Your Way initiative.

These wonderful acts by Sean help give Kristin the energy to keep going,” said Gerald Tally, director of development for the ALS Association North Carolina Chapter. “The funds Sean is donating stays in the area to help raise awareness, provide advocacy and research.”

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