CHARLOTTE – Bella Tunno, the purpose-driven baby brand on a mission to end childhood hunger, is doubling its meal donations in September for Hunger Action Month.

Through its partnership with Feeding America, Bella Tunno always donates at least one meal for every product sold. The company is committed to donating two meals for every product purchased through for September and 10 meals for every product sold on its website on Sept. 17, which is Hunger Action Day.

“Bella Tunno exists to feed hungry children,” founder and CEO Michelle Buelow said. “Because of the pandemic, the need is greater than it’s ever been before. We’ve never once wavered from our Buy One, Feed One promise, and we are doubling down on that promise for Hunger Action Month in September.”

Bella Tunno is teaming up with Lovevery and mom/influencer Katy Harrell (@mumuandmacaroons) to elevate its Hunger Action Month campaign. The brand will dedicate all of its September social media posts to hunger awareness and education, along with ways for followers to engage and help fight hunger in their own communities.

Bella Tunno will donate an additional meal for every new Instagram follower they get in September. 

“Our main goal is to educate people and arm them with information they can use to get involved and help solve the problem,” Buelow said. “That can be anything from volunteering to donating food or making monetary donations or even just helping spread the word about how great the need is right now. Every single thing helps.”

Feeding America projects an estimated 23% of children in the U.S. are food insecure, which is a 5% increase since 2018. 

“That’s an estimated 17 million children who are going to be hungry every night, which is heartbreaking,” Buelow said. “We have to do better for these kids. Hunger Action Month is the perfect time to raise awareness, and Bella Tunno is proud to be even a small part of the solution.”

Bella Tunno’s mission to make the world a better place is evident in its Tiny Optimist and Kindness Collections, featuring words of empowerment and encouragement, like Choose Joy, Love More, All We Need is Love, and Be Kind to All Kinds. 

The company started as a passion project after Buelow lost her brother, Matt Tunno, to an accidental overdose.

She wanted to start a charitable fund in hopes of helping vulnerable kids break destructive cycles. After finding a link between childhood hunger and addiction in adults, Bella Tunno’s Buy One, Feed One promise was born. 

To date, Bella Tunno has donated more than 6.5 million meals through the Matt Tunno Make a Difference Fund.

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