Police seek men in string of break-ins


Police in south Charlotte say they believe four recent break-ins in the Spring Valley neighborhood may all be tied to one group of men.

Thieves broke into four homes in the neighborhood dating back to July 18, with at least three of the incidents taking place in the afternoon. Police say one person was home at the time of the break-in at that home, and in one case the victims were out of town so it is not clear when the home was broken into.

The only description police have is of a group of white men driving a black vehicle. Authorities sent out alerts to the neighborhood, and one resident went to 65 homes in the area to hand out fliers about the incidents. Police also have assigned extra resources to the area, according to Officer Beth Jackson, including bike patrols.

Police ask anyone with information about these crimes to call 911.

SOUTH DIVISION response area 1
(Bordered by Fairview, Providence and Pineville-Matthews roads to the north, east and south, and extending slightly past Park Road to the west.)

CRIMES                             July 2012        July 2011
Robbery                                     1                     1
Residential Burglary           9                    3
Commercial Burglary         3                     1
Auto Theft                                 2                     1
Larceny from auto              30                  35
Shoplifting                                 1                     2
Total property crimes:    44    40

South Division Response Area 2
(Bordered by the state line and Union County to the southeast and southwest, and Pineville-Matthews and Rea roads, and Elm Lane, to the north.)

CRIMES                            July 2012        July 2011
Robbery                                   1                      1
Residential Burglary        4                      4
Commercial Burglary      2                       3
Auto Theft                              1                        1
Larceny from auto            13                    19
Shoplifting                             10                     9
Total property crimes:    51                     58

SOUTH DIVISION response area 3

(Bordered by Rea Road to the north, Pineville-Matthews Road and Elm Lane to the west and Matthews/Union County to the east.)

CRIMES                              July 2012        July 2011
Residential Burglary               7                        5
Commercial Burglary          2                       1
Auto Theft                                  1                       2
Larceny from auto               9                       9
Shoplifting                                 9                       2


Providence Division Response Area 3
(SouthPark, Foxcroft and Cotswold areas)

CRIMES                             July 2012        July 2011
Residential Burglary    9                          4
Auto Theft                          2                          1
Larceny from auto        19                       14
Bike Theft                            0                        3

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